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Tri-Tip Tues and/or Thursday returns. We are looking for guest contributers, so if you want to play just let us know.  And please pass the tri-tip.

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Three Tips form the Kamatoy Media Group, Jugglemail & their friends, clients and associates. Call 619-573-9456 for queries and/or visit KamatoyMediaGroup.com. 6.9.2011

#1 Re-Look @ Linkedin

Entrepreneur Tip- Look at LinkedIn Again.


LinkedIn recently got a lot of press with it's IPO. Leading up to the IPO were some recent changes that made the site a lot more user friendly and productive. 

Linkedin recently changed the option to their groups to be viewed public vs. private, which allows for conversations to happen between unknown members.

Therefore, posting your blog, press release, and content to the groups is a great way to get traffic and interaction. We have gotten noted traffic and response from the CraigGFrancis.com blog, which is niche-specific to SBA Lending.
Twitter Blue Water Color

TWITTER TIP: Connect your LinkedIn account to your Twitter account. You can also opt to only post those tweets that have the #in hashtag (for LinkedIn). To do this go to Account Settings and under Profile Settings click “Manage your Twitter settings,” then check the appropriate box.

My challenge with LinkedIn in the past was that it was too business oriented. I felt like there were a lot of resumes being created and we all had a difficult time getting into a conversation with anyone new. Without paying for a subscription you were limited in what you could do. That has changed now.

ADVANCED TIP: Start a group and/or add a paid subscription to linkedin. Starts at $19.95 a month.

#2 Update your Bio

Entertainment Tip - Update your Bio / Picture and make it available and searchable online.

TIP: Update your biography, picture and/or video for press and appearances and make sure that it’s easily searchable. “YOUR NAME BIO” “YOUR NAME RESUME”

Make sure that you have a well-written Bio, picture and ideally a video available online via your website, blog, bio, profile etc.

In prepping a lot of interviews and appearances, we often reference and look for material online. We are amazed at how little or how poorly written some of the bios and references are. It’s not unusual to find that someone we are researching hasn’t updated his/her bio for months or even longer. If you are performing, you MUST keep your information current. And for goodness sake, make sure you spell everything correctly, especially names. Would you want someone to misspell your name on their bio? (Alright, maybe if your name is Weiner...)

ADVANCED TIP: Create a downloadable EPK (Electronic Press Kit) that’s made available via a downloadble link, jugglemail or FTP.

KMG HELP: Stephen Prendergast, our writer/editor, is available to help you create or improve your bio piece. Contact us at KMG for more information.

Click Here to Email Stephen Prendergast directly.

#3 Checkout GroupMe

E-Marketing Tip- Try Groupme and focus your social media activity a bit.Group Me Logo

TIP: Join Groupme and start a group. You can check your gmail contacts and/or create a group manually.

GroupMe is a project that allows users to create groups to be created via text and then you have the ability to interact with that group on an ongoing or short basis.

This allows you to create text groups based on work groups, events, teams, a night out, etc.

GroupMe groups are limited to 25 for now. They suggest a group of 4-10 as managable.

As Social Media gets bigger our need for smaller groups becomes more and more apparent. Projects like GroupMe are addressing this issue by creating smaller groups via texting.

We're going to see more productivity from groups like this. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Join us on GroupMe Baby “David Kamatoy 1" send me an email with your name and mobile and well add you or vice versa.”

David Kamatoy 1 is the initial Group created on GroupMe to interact with our network and those who want to connect on entertainment, entrepreneurship and emarketing.

GroupMe was founded by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci in the Summer of 2010 andinspired by a project conceived at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

See The Sites...

KamatoyMediaGroup.com New! Kamatoy Media Group Site us up.
DavidKamatoy.com The Blog Continues
Jugglemail.com 3.0 is here. We are still updating the site.

CraigGFrancis.com New Restaurant Video & Landing Page
MichiganInvest.com New site created

SweetLifeDeli.com New! Restaurant Deli Project in play.

WrongButFunny.com continues to engage lol.


Blog This Returns in June

Blog This episodes return in June along with a ton of new content.

We recently finished 2 large projects that took much longer than anticipated. In doing so it finally clears the way to create Blog This Episodes, new videos, etc.

We completed several new videos as well which will be propogated in the following weeks.

This Quarter is going to ROCK!




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